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Facts About Islamic Holidays

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar. It is observed by fasting from sunrise to sunset for the entire month. It is a time of reflection, community, and prayer. Each evening during Ramadan, at the time of sunset, Muslims break their fast, traditionally with dates. Many Muslims gather together at their local mosque to break fast, while others entertain friends and family at home.

There are two Eid holidays in the Islamic Calendar. The first one, Eid ul-Fitr is the is celebrated the first three days after the month of Ramadan. The holiday is celebrated by a morning prayer gathering in the community followed by visits to family and friends and lots of food. Children especially look forward to Eid because they receive gifts of money and toys from elder family members. The second Eid, which occurs approximately two and a half months after the first Eid, is called Eid al-Adha. This Eid commemorates the obedience and faith of Prophet Abraham to God. It is also celebrated very similarly to the Eid ul-Fitr by a morning community Eid prayer followed by spending time with family, friends and food. Children gets gifts on this holiday as well.

The total global Muslim population is approximately 1.8 billion, around 25% of the world’s population today. The population of American Muslims is estimated between 5-7 million with a spending power of $200 billion. The Muslim household on average is around 5 people per family compared to the typical United States household at 2.6 people. (Source: JWT, Ogilvy Noor, DinarStandard)

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